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Tianjin Shengtong Radiator Products Factory is a company specializing in the sales of radiators, the main business: Shengtong radiator, Shengsen radiator, Zoransite radiator . We are committed to the development, design, research and production of new radiators. We are an enterprise with a combination of professional production equipment, high-quality personnel and modern management systems. The products produced are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, good decorative performance, excellent quality, reasonable price, wide variety of colors, can be tailored for various customers, can be used for many years under normal water quality conditions, good after-sales service and other characteristics.
In order to ensure the interests of consumers, we strictly control the product quality from the source: each produced radiator adopts multiple production processes and professional production equipment. The use of laser internal welding equipment makes the product solder joints firm and smooth. .
The surface of the product is sprayed uniformly, colorful, with good color retention, easy to clean, and resistant to high temperature; the inside of the pipe wall is made of high-quality anti-corrosion materials, and after multiple internal anti-corrosion treatment processes, the corrosion resistance is good, which can meet the heating water quality in different regions in the north In addition, the product has a beautiful and diversified shape, meets the design of various inlet and outlet water pipes, a long shelf life, and a reasonable price.
Our service tenet is: use our sincere service to exchange back your trust in us, once we meet, we will be friends for life! We will devote our limited time to unlimited progress, and return the love of friends from all over the world with high-quality products and perfect service!

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